About us

We do our best to nurture young talent. We provide a platform for talented young people to nurture their talents and skills in football. It is our pleasure to give them a helping hand as they explore their passions. Frickley Athletic Football Club unites the community in South Elmsall and the general West Yorkshire area. We promote a sense of patriotism and we always strive to make the local community proud.

One of the reasons why we have managed to make it this far is because every member of the team shares a common sense of purpose. We know that what we do is important to us as well as the local community. Even though our players are from diverse backgrounds, that is not a limitation. We embrace our differences and focus on making a change together. We have a culture of helping each other whenever the need arises. When recruiting new players, we do not only focus on their playing abilities, but also on their ability to fit into the family. We believe that every player may contribute to our success or failure. We, therefore, take a lot into consideration before recruiting anyone.

We have a strong management team that has helped to seer the football club in the right direction. The team coaches and captain, who offer the first level of leadership, lead by example. They are approachable and they have excellent leadership skills. They are always willing to do the right thing to suit the interests of the team. All the players are disciplined and passionate. They show up for training on time and with a pleasant attitude. Their commitment to the team makes it possible to focus on the important issues rather than trying to convince them that they need to do their jobs. The team coaches and captains have an easy time. They are aware of the weaknesses and strengths of all the players. This makes it possible to push players to achieve their maximum potential. They know the right tones and teaching styles to use on different players depending on their personalities.

We believe that communication is an important part of our team. We encourage open and respectful communication at all times. We realise that it is impossible to meet the objectives of the team without proper communication skills. The team leaders communicate the goals of the team clearly at the beginning of every season. They encourage layers to talk about any issues that affect them.

We are grateful to our sponsors. Without their help, we would not be able to reach the levels that we enjoy today. They have provided us with financial and moral support when we need it. We also thank our fans because they stood with us during our lowest moments. We do our best to show our appreciation as often as we can. Our goal is to ensure that they know we appreciate the love and we do not take it for granted.

Our fans can reach us whenever they want. We have a team that’s always willing to hear from them. We accept constructive criticism, comments, and questions. You may visit us on our grounds at The Bigfellas Stadium, Westfield Lane. If you are unable to come, feel free to contact us on telephone on 01977 642460. Our members of staff are courteous and attentive.